Features of Youtube Watch Hours

Gain enough watch time to apply for monetization

Video length must be at least 2hr long to apply for this service

After getting monetized, you can start making money from YouTube

It can take few days for watch time to be completed as per your order

YouTube Watch Hours

Why Should you Buy YouTube Watch Hours

YouTube watch hours are necessary for YouTube channel monetization. YouTube watch hour is the measure of time people spend watching your videos. The more YouTube watch time, the more money you will earn through YouTube.

YouTube’s policies for channel monetization requires 4000 YouTube watch hours in 12 months. If you want to earn money on YouTube, you need to monetize your channel. Once you get eligible for YouTube monetization, you can run ads on your video content. This way, you can generate revenue for yourself.

How to get YouTube watch hours?

Initially, it is hard to get the 4000 YouTube watch hours in 12 months because you may not get the fancied results shortly. You might have started a channel for building an online business. Then you must get the YouTube watch time to start generating revenue for yourself.

If you are creating good content for your audience and you think it can grab the audience’s attention, then you have an opportunity to buy YouTube watch hours. 

Buying YouTube watch hours is a quick win. It’s a push to get ranked on YouTube, and you would get free YouTube watch hours this way. You will get free YouTube watch hours after ranking, and it is strenuous to get ranked organically. Don’t worry! We are here to help you.

We are providing multiple services for YouTube, and YouTube watch hours is one of the best services, trusted and acknowledged by individuals and businesses. It is 100% legal and legit to buy YouTube watch hours. It will not affect your channel. You would not get banned on YouTube. With our smart strategies and tactics, we bring your channel in a high position in less time.

We have listed all the packages with different price ranges, respectively. You need to choose the right one for you, and the rest is our job!

How does it work?

When you buy YouTube watch hours, you get the audience retention. Audience retention is another main factor in gaining high ranks on YouTube. You can retain the audience by providing them quality content. However, you must consider certain factors for ranking on YouTube after creating quality content. Here is a list of some factors;

  • proper keywords research
  • use tools for keywords research
  • make eye-catchy title
  • add the main keyword in the title
  • add keywords in the description
  • add social accounts links
  • add tags using MVC formula
  • use custom thumbnails

If it is hard to do, check our YouTube SEO services, we help you do proper video and channel SEO. Your content gets noticed, and we uplift your videos’ presence on YouTube. After ranking on YouTube, you acquire YouTube watch hours.

What is YouTube watch time?

Watch time is the time people spend watching your videos. YouTube algorithm requires specific watch time to show videos after relevant search queries. To get the YouTube watch time, you can buy YouTube watch hours. It helps you get ranked in the search results. When you search something on YouTube, you see a list of videos appear in front of you. YouTube will show videos with more comments, views, watch timewatch hours, or shares. YouTube algorithm works this way, and you can buy YouTube watch hours to get ranked. We have all the services for your YouTube channel, it 100% works.

Best practices to get the required YouTube watch time

We are going to list some of the tips for you. It will help you get the 4000 YouTube watch hours quickly. These tips will help you get the fancied results soon. You must be consistent and focused after stepping in this journey. So, let’s get discuss each factor in detail;

1. Enhance Audience Retention

Audience retention helps you enhance the YouTube watch time. It is a measure of how long the audience sticks to YouTube. However, quality content is the key to get high audience retention. If your content is not good enough to grab the audience’s attention, these tactics won’t work for you.

Bonus tips: Here are some of the tips for increasing audience retention and YouTube watch hours/YouTube watch time, respectively.

  • First 15 seconds

In the beginning, 15 seconds decides whether the audience will watch your video or not. You need to start your video with a hook. The content should be interesting to engage the audience. These seconds are crucial for YouTube watch hours.

  • Mixing 

Viewers usually dislike static videos, and it is natural to get bored with the usual content. You can try different camera angles, visuals, background, locations, and try to add something spicy in your content.

  • Practice and script 

You can create a script for your content. Scripts help to deliver more organized and presentable content. Practice makes a man perfect; it is better to practice before shooting videos.

       2. Video length 

Video length is quite significant. Your video should not be too long or too short. Short videos can be too short for audience retention, and long videos can create boredom. So, maintain a balance and make high-quality videos. It also helps you get the desired YouTube watch time or YouTube watch hour. The ideal video length is considered 15 minutes. However, it depends on the content, but somewhat lengthy videos generate high YouTube watch time.

Get subscribers and viewers

Subscribers and viewers are the assets of YouTube channels. It is hard to get the YouTube subscribers and viewers’ channel. We are also providing these services for catching more subscribers and viewers. With more subscribers and viewers, your videos get more views. If you get more views on YouTube, you will organically generate YouTube watch hours for your video content.

When to buy YouTube watch hour?

When you decide to buy YouTube watch hours, you should have a content of 30 minutes. You can create any number of videos to fulfill this requirement. However, we recommend making two videos of 15 minutes each. When you have 4000 YouTube watch hours, you can generate revenue through channel monetization. YouTube starts promoting videos with sufficient watch hours, views, likes, and comments. After getting ranked on YouTube, you would get free YouTube watch hours organically.

Experience with multiple videos

Sometimes, creating diverse content lets you understand what your viewers want from you. You can try uploading a different kind of content on YouTube to know the viewers’ interest. You can go to the “Interest Viewers” section in YouTube studio. There you will get to know which video got more views. More views means more YouTube watch hours and vice versa.


Session-time is a time a user spends after reaching your video. If you successfully keep the audience to watch more videos on YouTube, you are increasing your worth on YouTube. YouTube likes people staying for a long time on YouTube, and it enhances YouTube watch hours. YouTube rewards you with free YouTube watch hours this way.

Interlinked videos and playlist

It is another strategy to increase YouTube watch hours. You can link all the videos and playlist with each other. You boost your watch time and generate YouTube views for other videos as well. There are many ways to interlink all the videos with each other, but we are going to tell you the one with 100% output.

Post links in comments

It seems interesting, right? You can increase your YouTube watch hours by posting other video links in the comments section. You might have seen pin comments on YouTube. It is the easiest and best way to generate views, watch time, likes for other videos, and reaching more subscribers and viewers.

Use cards for watch time

Did you ever see notifications in the upper right corner while watching videos? These notifications with white ribbon are cards. You can draw more viewers to other videos via cards. This smart trick will help you get more and more YouTube watch hoursMore YouTube watch time means more revenue. So, it is up to you how to engage your viewers with you and generate revenue for yourself.

Conclusion: Well, we have listed all the tactics you can use to monetize your channel by acquiring 4000 YouTube watch hours. As businesses are driving towards digital platforms, it is challenging to get noticed in a saturated market. You need a proper YouTube SEO to shape up your YouTube channel, and always provide your viewers with quality content. You should understand what your viewers expect from you, how to build a strong relationship with them to retain in the long run.

You will perform your job, and we will get you what you want. We have all the services for YouTube watch hours/YouTube watch time to YouTube SEO. We have a complete package to rank your channel and videos at the top of search results. Our years of experience and strategies backed many YouTubers to get the fancied results in a short time. We would love to add you to our list of satisfied customers. We provide our customers with real traffic, we don’t put your business or our business at risk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re signed in and even, at that point you can just watch every video once. It may not allow you to get 4000 hours. You can buy Watch Hours from us to get your channel monetized.

Yes, you can. Buying Youtube watch hours will fulfill the minimum threshold from YouTube and will allow you to get your channel monetized so you can start earning money from it.

You can’t apply for monetization if your channel doesn’t contain 4000 YouTube Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers.

You can Buy Watch Hours from SocialPrawn. It is as simple as 123. Choose your plan and click on add to cart button to proceed to make the payment. Once your payment is successfully received, your campaign will be started immediately.