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Key features of our services

Whether you are a YouTuber or an emerging artist on Instagram, SocialPrawn is going to help you grow a strong social audience for your business.

Social Media Marketing Agency

who we are

SocialPrawn is a US-based Social Media Marketing Agency. We help boost your social media presence and fan base with our individually designed marketing campaigns that produce great results.

Social Prawn is known for providing realistic services that will stay with your social media profiles for a long time.

Why Choose Us

Whether you need followers on Facebook or need subscribers for your YouTube channel,  we will help you improve your presence on different social media networks.

Proven strategies

As a social media marketing agency, we believe in organic growth and we use all the proven strategies to help our customers gain a positive brand image.

Guaranteed success

We are providing a 100% guaranteed results with money back warranty.

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Strong customer relationship

SocialPrawn provides extra value to their customers and we believe in having a strong work relationship.

Fast support

We provide 24/7 technical assistance and you can rely on our services. Just drop us an email and we will get back to you in a jiffy.

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Brian Ladyman

Numbers are boosted

Not sure how this all works but our numbers are boosted to the relative purchase on both facebook an instagram, hoping this produces more people to ..


Invaluable Service

This is an invaluable service particularly for Small, Medium sized companies to raise their visibility and expand market share in an overcrowded digital ..


Glad to find this company

Very happy with the results. Thank you for boosting my YouTube videos and increasing channel subscribers. Will use you guys again.

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